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Fanuc CNC lathe programming knowledge:

Learn Fanuc CNC lathe programming from the examples on this website.

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Here is a picture of a recent CNC training job I did for Bradley's Motors in Corpus Christi, TX.
This is the first part we made on a large CNC lathe with the Fanuc control.
The machine was sold by Industrial Machinery at www.industrialmachinery.com 

On all CNC controls, X is the diameter of the part.

A diameter of 4" is written as X4.0 (This was not always so, a lot of European machines used Radius for X.)

 Z is the absolute length dimension. 
The finish face of the part is set to be Z zero.
Dimensions are written and entered into the control with decimal points, Z- 2.0 represents a distance of 2.0" past the face of the part toward the chuck.

The motions available:
G0=Rapid (Max available, can usually be overridden.)
G1=Linear feed (Needs feedrate)
G2= Circular CW
G3=Circular CCW
There are a lot more G codes, they will be explained as they appear in the following simple program.

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Fanuc Lathe Program Example.

Part is 2" OD, will be finish faced with OD skin cut taken.
O2001(Program number)
N1G50S2500(The G50 sets up safe max speed.)
N2T0101(Tool index to position 1, use tool offset 1 to set tool and to change part size.)
N3 G96S650M3(G96 is Constant Surface Feet, S is amount, M3 is spindle on CW.)
N4G0X2.1Z0(Rapid to above OD and face of part.)
N5G1X.5F.006(Face to .500 at a feed of .006 per rev.
N6G0X2.0Z.1(Rapid to 2" diam. and clear part on way up.)
N7G1Z-1.0F.001(Cut left at F.001.)
N8G0X6.0Z6.0(Rapid to clear for loading new part, newer controls do not need tool offset cancellation.)
N9M30( Ends program, resets memory to start.)
Usually coolant is used, M8 is on, M9 is off.

Fanuc CNC Lathe program using Noseradius Comp.
Before using this program, make sure to put size of noseradius into R in the Offset register, also the number  describing the tool into T, usually 3 for OD tools and 2 for boring bars.

N1 G50 S2000 *
N2 T0101*
N3 G96 S500 M3*
N4 G0 G42 X2.0 Z.1 M8* (Set comp to the right)
N5 G1 Z-1.0 F.008*(Comp is calculated by control where needed based on size of noseradius, shape of part and the tool shape)
N6 X2.5 Z-1.7*
N7 Z-2.5*
N8 X3.2*
N9 G0 G40 X6.0 Z6.0 *(Make sure to cancel comp)

The typical Canned Cycles to make programming a lot easier:
G71 does turning-boring with very little info.
G76 cuts a thread, straight or tapered, also with very short, basic info.

Example: G76 Threading Cycle in 2 line format for OT and later controls.
2" diameter, 20 Threads per Inch, Mild Steel.
N1 G50 S1500*
N2 T0101*
N3 G97 S700 M3*(Speed for threading, always in RPM)
N4 G0 X2.2 Z.2 M8*(Rapid to above part, .2" from face)
N5 G76 P021060 Q20 R5*(The first 2 digits in P represent the amount of finish passes, the next 2 are the pullout distance at the end of the threading motion, expressed in tenths of revolutions, the 60 is the angle of the tool)
N6 G76 X1.94 Z-1.0 P300(total thread depth) Q150(depth of first cut) F.05* 
R if needed is the amount of taper over total distance in thread motion.
The P value is figured by taking the F-value times the constant of .6, once figured you also have the X value.
N7 G0 X6.0 Z6.0 M9*
N8 M30*

The G71 turning-boring cycle:
This is a simple example, it turns a 4" diameter piece of 1018 steel down to a 2" diameter, 1" back from the face of the part.

 O1000(Program number)
     N1 G50 S2500(Max speed)
     N2 T0101
     N3G96 S600 M3(Speed in SFM for 1018 Steel)
     N4 G0 X4.0 Z.1 M8(Rapid to OD of part, .1" away from face, turn coolant on)
     N5 G71 U.15  R.02(U=cutting depth, R= pullaway distance after each cut)
     N6 G71 P7 Q9 U.05 W.005 F.015(P7 tells the control to look at N7 and Q9 to look at N9, this is how we  give the motions describing the part. 
     U is the amount of stock left for finishing on the OD, W is the amount left on the shoulder.          
     N7 G0 X2.0
     N8 G1 Z-1.0 
     N9 X4.0
     N10 G0 X6.0 Z6.0 M9(Rapid back to a position clear of the workpiece)

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